Botanizing in the kitchen with kale

The farmer’s market this weekend in late March of 2020 was disorienting, and not only because I was wearing a mask and gloves. It was hard to see which line of widely spaced people was snaking into which farmer’s stand, and many vendors had hung tarps and were helping customers through windows. But everyone was as community-spirited as usual, and many of us were uncharacteristically patient.

Yet again, I was beyond grateful for both the opportunity and the means to fill my fridge with fresh green vegetables, including kale. And I was way more excited than usual to find a bunch of kale that had started to elongate its stem and flower because I knew I could use it in another video in our special COVID-19 series of dispatches from our kitchens.

Here’s hoping you stay in good health and good spirits.


For many more details about Brassica oleracea see Jeanne’s many terrific posts from the past that cover B. oleracea diversity, chemistry, and comparative morphology.

3 thoughts on “Botanizing in the kitchen with kale

  1. flahertylandscape

    I can’t believe I am writing in support of Brassicas. Certainly enjoy them when delicate…but they all do make an odor in the house. For me, one of those who line up for a meal, the odor warns me off.
    Anyhow this comment is more directed to how much I see the depth of your interest in plants. Lovely. Fantastic. You truly convey the ‘worlds within worlds’ of life in the plant world.
    Don’t need no stinkin TV, don’t need no stinkin computer. 🙂
    Oh the glories of plants, gardens and the landscape.
    Thank you for sharing.


  2. kitchen renovations

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