Recipes and activities

Botany lessons, activities, and exercises

Dissect your chestnuts before and after roasting

The truth about that old colored dye in celery exercise

Pineapple anatomy dissection lesson

Botany Lab of the Month (October 2017): Jack-O-Lantern (pumpkin)

Botany Lab of the Month (January 2016): potatoes

Easter eggs dyed with beets, onion or turmeric

Ratatouille (with Solanaceae fruit dissection notes)


Celery and potato soup with rosemary

White chocolate truffles dusted with hibiscus powder

Beet cupcakes with pink frosting

Super easy beet kvass

Soy milk

Spruce tip shortbread cookies and spruce tip salt

Carob mocha, carob syrup, and carob peanut balls

Peach-mint jam

Carrot top pesto

Katherine’s Fancy Cauliflower Soup with saffron

Fig Pudding

Brimstone (leek and greens) tart

Extreme monocot cookies

Pinenut basal spice cake with avocado topping

Hoppin’ john

Fried okra with mole sauce

Roasted figs with basil and cheese

Syrup of fresh herbs

Ratatouille (with Solanaceae fruit dissection notes)

Paragon sorbet: pear and tarragon

Creamed kale

Broccoli with browned butter and anchovy

Gluten-free apple and/or pumpkin spice bread

Ginger scallion noodles with Tokyo turnips and maitake mushrooms

Video: Homemade hot sauce

Stone Fruit and Almond Cake

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